• All about CKD (Complete Knock Down)

Buying CKD parts are immeasurable for used auto parts business. CKD is best buy for you because you can get set items with reasonable price. If you are looking for any kind of truck, cabin and even Toyota Hiace, our contracted yards are waiting you to get ready for business with us.

In addition, because of we do not have to break them down into separate parts, taking CKD can save time and money for staying Japan and invisible costs.
We are strongly recommended you to take some CKD’s in your container.

The best thing about ordering CKD is you can customize what you really need. As you may know used car parts business, it is not as easy as buying things at supermarkets. Most of the times, you are not able to make a container with full of items what on your lists, but CKD make it happen if we meet your target prices. Especially about CKD, our source is not only stocks at contracted yards but also auction services.

As an example, we are able to make a container easily if you can take some CKD’s. Here is what we’ve done in below.

Note: Please send your complete information in email like Your name, company name, address, city, country, phone, skype id and requirement, so that we can answer your email.

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