80% of our customers prefer “dispatch your worker” We select the factory suitable for your needs and take care of all required procedures on behalf of you. You can send your worker and make containers full of merchandise by yourself.


  • The container of your request can be made
  • A quality identification can be carried out at any time
  • It is easy to construct the schedule from vanning to departure and sale. For the reason becomes easy to carry out sales control; it completes within one week from vanning to departure by quick arrangements of our well-versed staff.

ATR has established strong business relationships with dealers in various parts of the world.  We welcome any serious inquiries from companies who would be interested in bringing their personnel to Japan for the purpose of dismantling and cutting cars and taking used auto parts to their destination countries.

One of our service that we are going to prepare is for providing your visa to Japan if you have a strong interest in doing business with us and can actually prove it.  We will forward you all the necessary documents for processing your visa to Japan if you deposit US$10,000 in advance and, clearly show how much business you would like to do with us in the near future. This deposit will be counted as a part of the balance in your total transactions with us while you are in Japan.

ATR Services

    ATR can do the following arrangements for its dealers during their business trip to Japan.

  • Hotel reservation at the hotel of your choice or near the car cutting/dismantling facility provided by us
  • Transportation arrangements or access instruction between upon arrival at the airport and the yard.
  • A pre-paid mobile phone set
  • Business Meetings with other providers in Japan for other services
  • Any other support necessary for you to do business with us in Japan

Please note the dealers will bear all the expenses related to the above mentioned services we plan to offer to our valuable customers during their stay in Japan.  ATR provides fully sponsored visit to its long-term clients with huge business transactions. So, do not wait anymore and contact us to discuss your specific requirements in detail with ATR.


Feel Free to Contact with ATR.

Note: Please send your complete information in email like Your name, company name, address, city, country, phone, skype id and requirement, so that we can answer your email.

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