Used Passenger Tyre

Auto Trading Rock is one of the most experienced dealer of quality Japanese used tire from Japan. Our customers depend on us for reliable quality Japanese used auto tires in bulk quantity.

In accordance with our network of Japanese used tire suppliers, ATR can provide the largest quantity of Japanese used tire available in the Japan market. We can deal you the best quality Japanese used tire which still have long life and can be used for many years to come. Just let us know the quantity and sizes of the used tire you need and the brand name you want and we will do the rest.

In addition to Japanese used auto parts, we export Japanese used auto tire by container as well. We export containers of auto tire to almost any places in the world from Japan. Quantity of each container would be approx. 1,450 pcs / 40HQ and 600 pcs / 20FT.

Basically, auto tire we provide are qualified as “Grade A” having 50% tread depth left.

They are used ones, the quantity and the variety of sizes would vary day by day.

So far, we can deal with customers who can accept both ratio of summer tires and winter ones. Moreover, we do try our best to meet your request as much as possible but to make a container, most of the time we have to include some other sizes which you are not looking for.

Japanese Used Auto Tire Container Loading Process

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