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Japanese Used Auto Parts export to your country

Export of Used Auto Parts to Your Country from Japan

Welcome to Auto Trading Rock

Auto Trading Rock (ATR) is a trading company specialized in the Used Auto Parts and Engines of the Japanese and European Cars since its foundation in 2001. ATR, a member of reputed JUMVEA (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association), has been practicing fair trade and dealing, and proud of being the company of good reputation. The aim of ATR is to establish the strong and long-term relationship with our customers like you and to support your business by providing the fine and quality used auto parts, engines and tires.

In cooperation with more than 30 of car recycling companies and scrapping yards located in all over Japan, ATR helps you to find the better solutions. And you can enjoy this advantage with us.

We take proud in providing the best service in used auto parts business. In fact, the customers are satisfied dealing with us and working with ATR has helped their business grow. The stable supply of fine merchandise is possible by having trade with us. So, let us help your business to be more successful.

Business with Us

There are two ways un principle to do business with us

Auto Trading Rock Co. Ltd.

Our contract yard collect merchandise on behalf of you to save time and expenses. You can choose either of the method depending on your specific situation.